The Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR) Wales Animation Launch: Dementia and Hearing Loss


It’s no secret that as we age, our ability to carry out everyday activities may decrease. A contributory factor may be a change in hearing. The impact of hearing loss is often underrated. When hearing loss occurs, some people may withdraw from everyday conversations, leading to the possibility of isolation. Our brains need stimulation from taking to others. Experts show that there can be a link between hearing loss and dementia. Research suggests that by managing hearing loss with hearing aids, the risk of dementia can be reduced.

If you notice any hearing loss, it’s important that you get your ears and hearing checked as early as possible, or if you already have hearing aids then make sure they are working and used regularly.

The centre for Ageing & Dementia Research’s (CADR) aim is to raise awareness in those who may be experiencing hearing loss and they advise you to contact your GP practice to arrange an appointment with an NHS audiologist for a hearing assessment.

CADR Director, Dr Andrea Tales:

This co-produced animation is based on research evidence and is designed to raise awareness of the importance of addressing hearing loss allowing people to make positive choices. Raising awareness allows people to more freely talk about the issues and to let people know that its ok to contact their GP and audiologist to talk about.”

Jane Wild, Chair of Wales Audiology Heads of Service Group

“This is an important animation raising awareness of the link between hearing loss and dementia and the value of seeking help and using hearing aids. We are pleased to see this animation being launched.”

Kieran Walshe, Director, Health and Care Research Wales said:

“Without research, we wouldn’t know how strong a link there is between hearing loss and dementia. Research provides crucial opportunities to consider health and wellbeing as a whole and make connections between seemingly disparate issues, leading to deeper understanding and better outcomes.”

CADR (the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research) has worked collaboratively with the Awen Institute and NHS Wales to create an animation which promotes this public message. The animation can be found here:

Further information:

Links to animations on YouTube:



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