Global Outreach

The BSA’s Global Outreach work relates to audiology in low resource settings worldwide. We promote knowledge, evidence and good practice, with a focus on sustainability and impact.

Our Aims​

—Share research, guidance and news​

—Provide opportunities to learn and get involved​

—Promote understanding and effective approaches​

—Showcase impact from around the world




Can I write an article or share resources?

Yes! We have several projects and channels for sharing content, including short and longer pieces, presentations, a database and website content. Email us at for an informal chat.

Does the BSA run volunteering projects abroad?

No, but some of our members organise projects and share their experiences through Global Outreach and other BSA channels. There is good practice guidance related to volunteering in the Resource Hub.

Where can I donate equipment to?

The BSA does not donate equipment. Some of our members have donated though their contacts or supported organisations listed in the Resource Hub.

In what ways can I get involved?

We’d love to hear from you. We have several online projects related to guidance, research, content development and connecting with others. Write to us

Do I need to be a BSA member to participate?

Members have a wider range of access to content and resources than non-members. However, non-members are welcome to participate in several ways. Get in touch to find out more.