Dissemination of research

There are many ways to showcase research from internal departmental or organisation meetings to international conferences and peer reviewed publications.


Local, national, and international conferences often accept submissions for posters and talks for the latest in research. Each conference has its own submission dates and criteria but a selection of relevant conferences has been linked below.

Often NHS Trusts will have approved templates for posters and sometimes they are found on the associated conference websites, such as the BAA Templates.

There is support available for students who would like to present work at a relevant conference through the Roger Thornton Award alongside the BSA.

Journal Publications

There are vast numbers of academic journals specifically focussing on many aspects of audiology and ENT in addition to general health journals. To identify the most appropriate journal to submit an article to, it can be helpful to review the foci of the journal and recently published articles. Each journal has its own requirements for articles for publication including restrictions on:

  • Word count
  • Number of tables or figures
  • Structure and headings
  • Declarations

Some journals are classed as ‘open access’, meaning they are freely available for any publications accepted, while other journals require a fee (typically upwards of £1,000) to publish with open access. Journals also have an ‘impact factor’, which is based on the scientometric index reflective of the mean number of citations of articles published in the last two years with a higher rating indicating publications from that journal are more frequently referenced. Examples of journals relevant to the field have been listed below.

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