Research support and networks

BSA Research Matchmaking – research mentor scheme

The research mentor scheme has been set up to provide guidance, support, and expertise to BSA members who are new to research or seeking to advance their research careers. The scheme pairs experienced researchers, known as mentors, with less experienced individuals, known as mentees, to facilitate professional and academic growth.

We can provide mentorship to help you develop through the different levels of involvement. We have mentors who are experienced clinical academics, and mentors who are experienced clinical research delivery leaders so help you develop your own research or develop delivery leadership.

If you would like a mentor please fill in the form below. A member of the RDG will get in touch to have a brief chat about your mentoring needs, and to start the match making process.

Guidance for mentees and mentors

Before starting mentorship, either as a mentor or mentee it is important to have a good understanding of what to mentoring is (and is not), and how to get the most from mentoring. The NIHR and the Academy of Medical Sciences have produced some excellent resources that you may find useful.

BSA Research Network

We are developing a network of BSA members with an interest in research.

We plan to host webinars and develop other activities with a focus on research.

Please sign up using the form below if you would like to join. Everyone is welcome, whatever level of experience or involvement.

Other research networks

NIHR Audiology Research Group

This group supports Audiologists involved in NHS research, both portfolio and non-portfolio and aims to get more Audiology research on the ENT portfolio. Please contact to be added to the group and to find out more.

UK Acoustics Network

Dementia Researcher Network
NIHR network for early career researchers

UKRI Mental Health Research Networks

UK Ageing Network


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