Survey – Traumatic Brain Injury and Audiology Research


BSA Student member and PHD student Kübra Bölükbaş from the University of Nottingham requests your assistance in reaching out to audiologists residing in the UK, who are clinically qualified in audiology and experienced in assessing, diagnosing, or managing auditory and/or vestibular symptoms in non-blast related Traumatic Brain Injury adults.

This Delphi study aims to bring together audiologists who are currently employed by a public or private institution with specific experience with traumatic brain injury (TBI) to collectively define and establish a consensus on a standard test battery for audiological assessments in this specific patient group. Kübra believes that your valuable insights and experiences can significantly contribute to this important undertaking.

  • They will perform an online Delphi survey including three survey rounds with intervals, first round lasts up to 40 minutes.
  • Participants will need to attend three rounds.

Each round will be delivered online via the University of Nottingham survey software JISC ( Participants will be offered £20 Amazon gift vouchers for taking part in the survey.

Anyone who agrees to take part can still withdraw from the study at any time if they do not want to continue and they do not have to give their reasons for withdrawing.

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information, please click here for a detailed information sheet.

Please note that you consent to your data being used for this research project by taking part in this survey.

The closing date is 30th June 2024.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey, please do not hesitate to contact Kübra Bölükbaş at or to and we will forwards on your behalf.

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