Chair's Update September 2022

Dear members,

As the nation mourns the passing of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, I hope that you are able to reflect on her 70 years of service and duty.

As I write this message, we have just finished an extremely positive and productive face-to-face Council meeting that was also attended by the group and SIG leads. During the meeting we received updates about recent and current activity and reviewed this against the 2020-2023 strategy, looking at what aspects might need more focus or further development moving forwards, particularly as a new BSA strategy is due next year.

Thank you to everyone that took time out of their day job(s) to attend; it was noted quickly by our lead for International Relations that many of the team are juggling not one but multiple jobs/roles in their professional lives as well as their voluntary BSA activity and yet we all did manage to come together! It was a great opportunity to welcome Dev Joshi to the team as our new trustee and lead for Communications, I’m sure that you will be seeing more from Dev as he becomes familiar with the Social Media channels and wider communications of the society.

Over the coming months all the comments collected during the meeting will be reviewed and analysed and I will share more information with you as it becomes available, but essentially, I left the meeting feeling energised, motivated and ready to help lead, support and deliver all the BSA workstreams and projects!

One of the most recent areas of development has been the Professional Guidance Group which as you know from the July/August bulletin has been recruiting. Thank you to everyone that has responded to our calls for new members, we now have an 8-person strong group led by Richard Windle who will oversee the BSA’s 50+ documents. We are still looking for a few more to join the group; anyone with a background in Balance/Vestibular Science or is a new professional (graduating in the last 5 years) would be warmly welcomed to the group!

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