Chair's Update September 2016

Incoming Chair’s remarks September 2016 – Building on the past; consolidating in the present; planning for the future

As I start my term of two years as Chair of BSA I would like to offer a huge vote of thanks to Huw Cooper as he steps down.  He has led the BSA through the last two years of change with determination, humour and wisdom.  We have transitioned from our office in Reading to being supported by the management company Fitwise.  We have appointed and learnt to work with our Operations Manager, Laura Turton.  We have restructured the Special Interest Groups and the Professional Guidance Group and moved the Annual Conference to the springtime.  I know that these projects and others have taken a lot of Huw’s time.

Huw will remain on the BSA council as the Immediate Past Chair and I for one am very grateful for that as I’m sure I’ll need to consult with him.  Kevin Munroe has been the Immediate Past Chair for two years and now steps aside.  Many thanks to Kevin too for his vision and foresight for BSA, particularly in suggesting the appointment of an Operations Manager.

I have been involved with the BSA as Vice Chair for the last two years.  There have been huge changes and there will now be a period of consolidation.  However these also continue to be times of change and modernisation and we will ensure that our strategic plan remains on course and updated.  The BSA council will be meeting in February to review our action plan and to plan the next four years.  From the moment I joined the BSA council I was struck by the number of very able and dedicated people involved with taking the work of the BSA forward.   I hope I can play my part with the rest of the team of trustees, advisors,  Laura and Fitwise in ensuring this organisation meets the needs of its members and of the wider audiology community.

Almost every week there is something new that we learn about that the BSA could have an input into and influence.  We can only do this if we spread the workload between all the trustees, advisors and members.  There are pressures on clinicians and researchers with more output expected from less people.  However all members of BSA still need educational opportunities in order to ensure that practice is evidence based and that the evidence base is there to inform practice!

Please if you would like to more involved talk to any council member of contact Laura or myself.

With best wishes

Liz Midgley

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