Chair's Update March 2022

Dear Members,

I hope this message finds you well.

March is always a busy month for the BSA Trustee’s, SIG and group leads as our first meeting of 2022 takes place later this month. We continue to meet online having seen the benefit for individuals; removing long days due to lengthy travel and improved time management enabling people to fit the meeting into their working and/or clinical day. It has also enabled the Society to re-distribute the financial savings this provides by supporting SIG projects and planning longer term improvements, i.e. website development. However, given that we have had many new Trustees and group leads join us over the past few years without having had the opportunity to meet in person we do hope to plan one face to face meeting later this year.

With the March meeting also being the annual stock take, there is much to prepare for as we ask all groups to submit reports summarising their activity and achievements for the past year as well as their current activity. A big thank you to all SIG and group leads for taking the time to write these reports and submit them on time ahead of the meeting. The reports are fundamental to the Society’s annual report and offer a great opportunity to share information about the work that is currently taking place across the breadth of the BSA so I should be able to provide you all with some specific and exciting updates confirming plans for the rest of the year in April’s message.

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