Chair's Update July 2023

Dear Members,

The public consultation for the recommended procedure for tympanometry and acoustic reflex thresholds is currently underway, with a deadline of the 12th August, please do review this document and submit any comments that you have Public Consultation – Recommended Procedure – Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex Thresholds – British Society of Audiology ( We always highlight our document consultations via the monthly ebulletin and social media channels so that as many people can be alerted as possible, please do make sure that we have your most up to date/preferred email address to receive these ebulletins. If you know of colleagues that may be interested in the consultation but are not members please do let them know. Thank you to everyone that submitted comments for the Visual Response Audiometry document, these are now being reviewed.

The BSA Fellowship scheme acknowledges current BSA members’ positive contributions to the discipline of Audiology and the broad aims of the BSA and is now open for new submissions until 30th August BSA Fellowship Scheme – British Society of Audiology (, so if you actively support one of the BSA groups or projects why not consider applying?

It was a busy and extended June 2023 Council meeting, and we were joined by our new trustees for students and early career professionals Diya Vaid and Rosie Mayer who are already working closely with members of the wider BSA team to develop our approach in this area. We would like to welcome students and early career professionals to all our groups at BSA and the APD SIG reported that two of their new members are both early career bringing this important perspective. We are still in the process of appointing our new Treasurer, as well as our new editorial team for Audacity and I am hopeful that I will be able to share more information about these new appointments next month. BSA documentation such as a brand-new proposal from the Bone conduction and middle ear devices SIG was approved and internal and external collaborative projects featured heavily in group reports across the organisation. Bhavisha Parmar led discussions both during Council and in meetings since to refresh and update membership categories. We hope to launch these at the same time as the – new website (which is progressing well) later this year.

Kind regards

Donna Corrigan

BSA Chair

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