Chair's Update July 2013

BSA and you: let’s get engaged

Politicians and journalists are apt to use the term ‘It is not a given’ when they mean we should not take something for granted. So let’s cut to the chase: do we take BSA for granted? Do we assume that BSA will always be part of the fabric of UK audiology? What if there was no BSA? What if no:

  1. annual conference or ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminars?
  2. Special Interest Groups?
  3. bursaries or funding for applied research?
  4. recommended procedures, clinical guidance or position statements?
  5. International Journal of Audiology or BSA News (soon to be re-launched as Audacity)?
  6. link with the International Society of Audiology or the European Federation of Audiology Societies?
  7. learned society providing links between knowledge, learning, service and impact?
  8. independent advice for stakeholders?

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