Chair's Update August 2023 (Vice Chair)

Dear Members,

I hope you’re having a lovely summer and getting the opportunity to enjoy a rest.

We can’t thank enough, the team at the Royal St Hants Hospital in Southampton for all of their work on Audacity. It is a publication that has gone from strength to strength under their care. They stand down following the September 2023 edition and University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust will then take ownership from March 2024 onwards. We are delighted to welcome the team at Sussex Trust and look forward to equally exciting editions of Audacity under their leadership.

We also welcome our new Treasurer Wendy Stevens. Wendy was one of many who enjoyed this year’s BSA Scientific meeting; and here is a video montage of the event kindly put together by Bhavisha Parmar:  BSA Scientific Meeting 2023. If you are hoping to attend a scientific meeting that meets the aims of the BSA why not consider applying for the Roger Thornton award? This funding for 2023 has already been allocated, but it would be worth starting to consider events in 2024 that could be of interest.

The latest document open for consultation is Acoustic Considerations for Audiology Clinics. The deadline for your comments on this is Sunday the 24th of September.  Including guidance on soundfield measures this document will supersede the 2019 BSA Practice Guidance “The Acoustics of Sound Field Audiometry in Clinical Audiological Applications”. Following some very interesting work by Ben Gillett on current models of ABR Peer Review in the UK, the BSA is also working hard on updating the BSA Principles of Peer Review document.  Look out for that consultation too.

Kind Regards

Siobhan Brennan

BSA Vice Chair

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