World Hearing Day 2018

Global Outreach Specialist Interest Group

World Hearing Day 3rd March 2018

It’s World Day on 3rd March and The World health Organisation are drawing attention to the expected rise in the number of people who will have hearing loss around world with the theme “Hear the Future.” For further information about World Hearing Day, please visit:

Within the UK we have 11 million people with hearing loss and this is set to increase to 15.6 million people by the 2035 – that’s one in 5 of us! Globally, there are 466 million people living with disabling hearing loss, which up from 360 million people 5 years ago. A staggering number of these are preventable and we have to do more to raise the profile of hearing loss and the fact that much of it is preventable.

Across the globe, many of the people with hearing loss or who are less protected against hearing loss live in developing countries where there are little or no access to interventions that prevent hearing loss and there is of course, little access to audiology, sign language and deaf education. The BSA’s Global Outreach specialist interest group have formed a partnership with ENT UK Global Health and have organised the first ever Inaugural event with the BSA GO SIG highlighting the scale of hearing loss globally and some of the important work that it being done not only form UK professionals, but internationally to combat the issue. We want this meeting to be the kick-start of forming a bigger network within the UK of all those involved in this important work and how we can work together to make further progress in this area.

Check out our great programme of speakers that includes

Jim Fitzpatrick MP

Shelly Chadha from The World Health Organisation

Sound Seekers

DeafKidz International

And key audiology, ENT, teachers of the Deaf and psychologists involved in global outreach work.

If you want to register, please visit here.

We look forward to seeing you there for this historical event!


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