World Health Organization Report

On 3-4 July, the World Health Organization held their third stakeholders’ meeting at the Geneva headquarters. Presentations outlined public health perspectives and the need for increased awareness and affordable, accessible care. Representatives from other WHO departments discussed how hearing care fits into their work in areas such as maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health; occupational and environmental health, ageing; telecommunications and assistive technology.

Breaking into groups, attendees discussed priority areas and possibilities for driving action, especially at country level. In the final session, a World Hearing Forum was launched as a platform to enhance collaboration through a shared vision and aligned advocacy efforts.


In other highlights, a landmark World Hearing Report will be developed, to be published in 2020, as recommended in the World Health Assembly resolution WHA70.13. In addition, a new set of health care and awareness raising resources are currently being written.


Attendees from the BSA Global Outreach special interest group (GO SIG) included Gemma Twitchen (Chair), Ned Carter, Tess Bright and Robin Youngs. The GO SIG will now be holding discussions about how it could be involved in these latest developments.