Where have all the Audiologists gone? An investigation of the activities of NHS Audiology Services and Audiologists during the Covid-19 crisis.

Darren Cordon, University of Northampton Doctor of Professional Practice student and Head of Adult Audiology, UHL would like to invite you, as a fully qualified Audiologist employed directly by a NHS Trust, to take part in a research study which is investigating the professional experiences of NHS audiologists during the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK. I cannot promise the research will help you personally, but the information provided will inform leaders in Audiology and the NHS about the experiences of NHS Audiologists during this time. This will enable better planning for any future extreme pressures on the NHS and will also provide useful information for the development of the profession.

Before you decide if you are happy to take part, please take time to read the information so that you understand why the project is being done and what will be involved if you take part, at the following link: https://northampton.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/pilot-where-have-all-the-audiologists-gone-copy

If you have any queries regarding this post or if you require to liaise with Darren Cordon, you can do so via bsa@thebsa.org.uk