Vacancies for the Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group

The Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group (ARIG) has 2-3 exciting opportunities for committed professionals to become active members of the steering group.

The committee reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the BSA and we will be looking to continue this multidisciplinary representation, and this will form part of our selection criteria but crucially enthusiasm, fresh ideas and commitment to contribute to the work of the committee are highly sought.

The committee meets every quarter, predominantly online but also tries to meet centrally once per year. There is also regular email correspondence and the requirement to carry out project work in between meetings. If you would like to know more about the work of ARIG please click here

All applicants must be a member of BSA. If you would like further information about these roles or would like to apply by copying and completing the box below into an email and send to by Friday 20th July 2018



City and Country where you are based
BSA Membership Number
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Job Title
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What you could bring to being a member of ARIG