UK Survey on Adult Rehabilitation Outcome Measures

Outcome measures were introduced into the NHS AR service through MHAS (Modernising Hearing Aid Services) in the early 2000’s. However, since then there has been little indication nationally of what outcomes are measured, how, when and why.

What is the BSA Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group (ARIG) doing about this?

We are looking to answer these questions using a national survey to gain a UK perspective. To do this, we have chosen to take an FOI (freedom of information) approach via CCGs and Health Boards. This way we anticipate that we have a much better chance of getting answers to our survey from as many NHS service providers as possible, both NHS and independent sectors.

Why is this important?

In the current climate of cuts, it is essential that adult rehab services are able to provide evidence to show the effectiveness of what they do in terms of (i) the patient, and (ii) the service. This evidence can be used by services to demonstrate their effectiveness to trusts, healthcare commissioners and boards.

What is this the aim of this survey?

This short, 10 minute, survey is asking about what, how, when and why outcomes are measured in your service. This is not about your performance or any underhand tactics. The aim is to benchmark AR service outcomes, with a view to develop an Outcome Toolkit for UK audiologists.


For information the survey can be found here: BSA ARIG Outcomes Survey June17

For further information on outcome measure, see BSA ARIG Practice Guidance BSA AR Practice Guidance 5. Outcome measures

Any questions, contact Mel Ferguson