Summer Seminars in Hearing (SSH)

The UK Acoustics Network (UKAN) and “Basic Auditory Science” (BAS) are running a series of on-line seminars, to bring us together in these strange times.

The next talk is at 2pm on Wednesday 27th May:

“Understanding the challenges of everyday listening with hearing aids and cochlear implants: towards ecologically relevant measures of listening effort”

By Ian Wiggins, from the University of Nottingham.

This will be hosted by Stefan Bleeck.  Please join us! 

How do I attend?

If you have already registered for a previous talk, there is no need to register again. Attendance requires registration, and is done via a link to a (very) short on-line form: which can be accessed here

Shortly before each seminar, all those registered will receive a link to attend, via email.

Who is else scheduled to talk?

We are arranging the schedule right now. Currently, in addition to Ian, we have:

10th June: Chris Plack, Univ. of Manchester and Lancaster.

24th June: Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug, Ludwig Maximillan Univ.

8th July: Andrew Oxenham, University of Minnesota.

22nd July: Susan Shore, University of Michigan.

5th August: Rebecca Millman, University of Manchester.

19th August: Astrid van Wieringen, KU Leuven.

When will these happen (generally)?

On-line seminars are planned to occur over the spring and summer, fortnightly, on Wednesday at 2pm UK local time.

The seminar format?

The format will be flexible but typically a seminar would comprise of 50 mins of talk with more time for questions.  The platform we are using (Crowd Cast) makes it simple to post questions, and for the possibility of lively debate following the talk.

How do I hear about upcoming seminars?

We will advertise the seminars on EarMail, or if you join the UK Acoustics Network Hearing Special Interest Group (please do) you will receive newsletters from UKAN. If you are registered for the seminar series, you will also hear about each upcoming seminar.

What is the UK Acoustics Network (UKAN)?

An EPSRC funded network of UK based acousticians from academia and industry. It has over 800 members. The main aim of UKAN is to build links, collaborations and research capacity for acoustics related research in the UK. It is structured as a collection of “special interest groups”, one of which is Hearing ( The UKAN website is here: You are very much encouraged to join.