Otodynamics Ltd


Otodynamics, the leading voice in OAE technology for over 28 years, has recently enhanced its ILOv6 clinical OAE software for PC based Echoports as well as adding ABR screening to their comprehensive Otoport range of handheld advanced diagnostic and screening instruments. Driven by its in-house innovative research and development team, Otodynamics is dedicated to delivering quality, reliability and performance. Standing out as the gold standard, Otodynamics is consistently selected as the first choice in AudiologyOtodynamics Ltd. pioneered OAE screening 25 years ago and sells a wide range of OAE screening and diagnostic instruments.

In a world where global organisations absorb specialist companies without trace, it’s good to know that Otodynamics remains a successful, privately owned and managed British company, founded by the discoverer of otoacoustic emissions – David Kemp.

It’s also good to know that Otodynamics makes in-house research and development its top priority.

Otodynamics′ latest products are totally designed by its own team of engineers and scientists, led by the originators and pioneers of OAE technology with up to 30 years’ experience in the field.

When you buy instruments from Otodynamics, you can be confident of a first class innovative product and first class support.