Acoustics Metrology Ltd

We are a specialised company providing calibration and repair services for audiometric, acoustic and vibration instrumentation. Our service covers the UK, Ireland and beyond ‚operating from centres in Scotland, North East England and Ireland.

AML is UKAS accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC17025:2005. This means you can be certain that the measuring instruments being used to calibrate your equipment are accurate and traceable to published technical standards.

With AML you can be 100% confident that your equipment and its component parts are calibrated based on measurements taken with correctly calibrated measuring instruments.

We offer both laboratory and on-site audiometric calibration utilising the ADACS system. The ADACS system is unique to AML and offers unrivalled calibration accuracy and efficiency. We have partnership agreements with most of the major audiometric equipment suppliers and can calibrate and repair most makes of equipment currently in use.