‘Right from the Start’ new campaign report launched

A new campaign report, called Right from the Start has recently been launched.


The report – which will be available to download from www.ndcs.org.uk/rightfromthestart  and also attached below – celebrates 10 years of new born hearing screening in England. As you may know, the National Deaf Children’s Society took a lead in campaigning for this programme to be introduced. It is clear that the programme has transformed the lives of many children born deaf but, 10 years on, there is still much to do to make sure that high quality early years support is in place following diagnosis.

The report calls on the Government, local authorities and health bodies to work together and make a commitment to ensure high quality support is in place as soon as a child is diagnosed as deaf. It makes five broad recommendations:


  1. Action is taken to protect and invest in paediatric audiology services and support them to become accredited under the Improving Quality in Physiological diagnostic Services (IQIPS) programme.
  2. The Government and local authorities continue to protect funding for specialist education services for deaf children.
  3. Local authorities review the provision of support with communication available to families in their area to ensure that the varying needs of families can be met at any one time.
  4. Local authorities ensure that radio aids are more readily available to parents of deaf children so that they can support their child’s spoken language and communication development.
  5. The Government should take action to ensure there is sufficient and effective provision across all local authorities for specialist childcare provision for deaf children, and that mainstream staff receive the training and advice they need to effectively include deaf children. This should include action to support parents with transport costs and to improve the listening environments of childcare settings.

Right from the Start campaign report FINAL