Research project into Audiologists views on delivering care for musicians

BSA member, Mark Smith, is conducting a piece of research looking for insights from audiologists into the provision of hearing care services for musicians. This is for his Clinical Science MSc research project, as part of the Scientist Training Programme. 

The research involves a short survey (10-15 minutes) where he will ask UK-based audiologists (NHS and private) a variety of questions relating to audiology services for musicians. At the end of the survey, respondents will be invited to take part in a follow up interview to gain more detailed information from audiologists about care provision for musicians. 

This research is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Samuel Couth from the University of Manchester and Prof. Alinka Greasley from the University of Leeds and the Hearing Aids for Music project. 

The link to the survey can be accessed here:

Mark would like to gain as wide variety of views as possible, so even if you have had limited experience with musicians, he would really appreciate any responses.

By completing the above survey you are providing consent to your data being used as part of this project.

Please contact or for more information or alternatively you may choose to send your comments in an email to and we will forwards on your behalf.