Publicity Group

Renewal and modernisation of all BSA’s communications and publicity is central to all aspects of the work of the society. The messages and proposals of the BSA need to be clear and consistent across all staff and volunteers to maximise opportunities.

Underpinning this work is fully defining ‘unique selling points’ of the British Society of Audiology so members and stakeholders understand what the BSA does and where it fits alongside other organisations.

The Publicity Group are responsible for clear messages to be given through a range of media and opportunities about the work of the BSA and for this communication to be a dynamic and two way pathway between members, the BSA Council and other stakeholders. They will ensure the role and purpose of the BSA is understood by the members and stakeholders and is modern, vibrant and engaging.

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Their work includes:

Members of the Group

Chris Cartwright (Chair)

Nicci Campbell (Website Manager)

Charlotte Turtle (Social Media Coordinator)

Yvonne Noon (New Members Representative)

Laura Turton (BSA Operations Manager)

We are always looking for more support with this group – could you be one of those people to help? If so please email