PRIORITY_BSA Statement on College discussions

Dear Members,

As you will be aware, there have been ongoing discussions between BSA, AIHHP, BAA, BSHAA, and NCHA over the last year towards greater unity of the audiology sector, and potentially through the formation of a College of Audiology. At their annual conference outgoing president of the BAA, Sue Falkingham, made the surprise announcement that their board members were withdrawing from these discussions with immediate effect. You can read the BAA statement here:

Whilst we are disappointed that BAA board members have left discussions at this stage, we respect their decision, and welcome them to re-join discussions and activities on this important work when the time is right for them. We have members in common with BAA, and some of our own members share concerns raised by the BAA board. Many more of our members, however, have expressed the importance of continued dialogue.

In the last joint meeting it was acknowledged that as we progress, major decision-making will need to be in the hands of representative individuals, rather than organisations, who have the standing and expertise to formally steer this work, and who can equally be accountable to our broad sector. For now, the BSA will continue to progress these discussions on unity and the potential for a genuinely inclusive College of Audiology.

Derek Hoare BSA Chair