Yvonne Noon

Trustee & Membership Group Lead

I recently re-joined BSA, to be part of the contributions made by the society.  It’s impact on  audiological development and research has been felt throughout the UK and internationally.


My audiological career has spanned many interests, but my passion has been for cochlear implantation, specifically how this affects adults. I have seen the great strides made in this area and continue to work with recipients who want to share their experience with others choosing the path to CI, or those who need support having made their choice.


Having worked with diverse groups of people I feel I’m in a good position to offer support to the Publicity Team. Over the years I’ve developed a good professional network and hope to expand and share this through BSA. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of NHS and Public sector practice and forging links with new and existing collaborators.

Yvonne Noon: Clinical Coordinator: Advanced Bionics UK Ltd