Dr Siobhan Brennan

Trustee & Conference Group Lead

Having previously been a member of the NHSP Clinical Advisory Group I became involved with the Electrophysiology Special Interest Group at its inception in May 2014.  This group is a wonderful opportunity to bring together professionals working in both adult and child auditory electrophysiology. The group aims use the range of expertise of the membership to foster protocols and training. The constant evolution of auditory electrophysiology and its wide range of applications provides a pressing need for a Special Interest Group in this area.

The BSA has been a source of enormous professional support and interest which prompted my greater involvement to become Trustee in June 2015 and Chair of the Learning and Events Group in December 2015.  The Learning and Events group enables the BSA to build on the extensive experience of its members and beyond to develop great learning opportunities within Audiology

Lecturer at University of Manchester and a Lead Clinical Scientist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals