Prof Kevin Munro

IJA Representative

I have the privilege and honour of being a Trustee and was the Chair from Sept 2012 to Sept 2014. During my time as Chair, we concentrated our efforts in the areas where BSA makes a unique contribution to audiology:

We now use an annual Action Plan to coordinate our strategic activities. I am especially pleased that BSA identified Public Engagement and Global Health as key areas for development. Engaging members has been particularly important and we have a variety of initiatives including the Innovation Forum at the annual conference. Our eSeminars (Lunch and Learn and Lightning Updates) have proved to be very popular.  The launch of Audacity, the new membership magazine, has been extremely well received. The newly formed Learning Events Group is actively coordinating a calendar of professional development events. The heart of BSA is the various committees and special interest groups that bring together people with over lapping interests and provide them with a common purpose. An example is the newly formed Cognition in Hearing special interest group, which is proving to be very popular and forward thinking.

Council works relentlessly to make a real difference. We are emerging from a period of transformation and the next stage is development and growth. We have recently appointed an Operations Manager.  This will increase the capacity of Trustees to better direct strategy and to be more responsive to challenges and opportunities. This will transform BSA and prepare us for the challenges that lie ahead.

For examples of where BSA continues to make a unique contribution to audiology, simply CLICK HERE to access the full back catalogue of the Chairman’s messages.