Dr Mel Ferguson

Vice Chair

Mrs Mel Ferguson

Mel Ferguson is a consultant clinical scientist (audiology) and research lead at the NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing.  The overall research aim of her research programme is to promote healthy hearing by reducing activity limitations and participation restrictions using a holistic approach to habilitation. This is based on three primary themes (i) listening and cognition, (ii) multimedia educational support, and (iii) patient-centred care, which includes evaluating interventions for people with hearing loss. Prior to April 2009, she was head of the MRC Institute of Hearing Research Clinical Section in Nottingham where she carried out research on auditory development in primary school-aged children, specifically characterising the nature of auditory processing disorder. Previous research at MRC IHR included early adult hearing screening and evaluation of the modernisation of hearing aid services programme. She is the Chair of the BSA the Adult Rehabilitation Interest Group. 

Research Lead / Consultant Clinical Scientist (Audiology), NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit