Verity Hill

Chair of the Paediatric Audiology SIG

Hi.  My name is Verity and this is my 1st piece as the new Chair of the PAIG.

Sadly we say goodbye to Lauren Smalley, our former chair, who stepped down in January 2017.

Myself and the PAIG members would like to take this opportunity and thank Lauren her for her dedication to the role and her leadership over the past year.  Without Lauren’s motivation and hard work the PAIG would not be where it is now.

Currently we have a few members working on updating some Paediatric BSA documents.

I will mention the BOA guidance which is being undertaken by a couple of current and previous members from the PAIG. Carolina, Joy and Jane have worked really hard (in their spare time) on this document and initially received some great input from Sebastian Hendrick.  We are hoping that Sebastian will be able to join us again in future as his contribution is invaluable.

Scientific journals, international BOA protocols and guidance papers and expert opinion will all contribute to the BOA document. We are hoping for a deadline of early June to hand in the draft.

Karen from Nottingham and myself have taken the lead on reviewing the Distraction test guidance.  I know that there is some controversial debate about using distraction in the audiology world and some people cringe at the mere sound of the word ‘distraction’.  However, after discussion and feedback from a few old-school audiologists, the PAIG felt that it is a very useful tool in a battery of tests and when done right, is useful for children who cannot condition to more conventional tests such as VRA or performance. The guidance will help audiologists to ensure that they are performing the test in a safe and appropriate manner. Therefore as distraction is still a useful tool and is still being used out there, up to date guidance is necessary (feel free to email me and debate this if you wish).

We have looked at as much information and documentation as we can (there’s not much out there) and after it has had review by Vanessa in Brighton we hope to have a draft ready for the BSA by the end of May.

Keep your eyes peeled for both documents as we will welcome your comments when it goes out for consultation.

We are all looking forward to the BSA conference in June.  Hope you’ve signed up for the 2 days as the early bird discount has been extended.

As the theme is ‘Audiology and the Greater Good’ we have 2 excellent speakers who will be speaking about a pilot study for CMV testing and the use of Radio aids with babies and children.  For both speakers there will be time to ask lots of questions so don’t be shy, we want to get the debate going.

Over the next few months we will also be putting out a call for new advisory members for the PAIG.  We would welcome professionals from the audiology profession who (although do not sit on the PAIG) are willing for us to contact them for their expert knowledge on any particular PAIG related subject.  If this is you, look out for a notice on the BSA website or feel free to contact the BSA directly.

Thanks for reading and if you think there is anything that the PAIG should be working on then please pass your ideas onto the BSA.

Look forward to seeing you at the BSA conference in June – have I said the early bird registrations have been extended?!