Elizabeth Midgley

Immediate Past Chair

I obtained my MSc is Clinical Audiology from Manchester University in 1980 (yes really!).  During my career I have specialised in paediatric audiology.   I am now Head of Children’s Audiology in the Regional Specialist Children’s Hospital in Bristol and Team Leader for the Avon Newborn Hearing Screening Programme.  I have always worked as part of multi-disciplinary teams with Audiologists, Clinical Scientists, Paediatricians, ENT doctors, Teachers of the Deaf, Educational Audiologists and Speech and Language Therapists.

Each of those specialisms has its own professional body but the British Society of Audiology is the only society that has members from all of the disciplines involved in Adult and Paediatric Audiology.  I would therefore like to contribute my experience of working with many different professionals in audiology to further the work of the Society in clinical standards, evidence based practice and academic achievement.

Since 1980 there have been lots of changes in the field of audiology.  The pace of change seems to be increasing.  Some of the pressures are perennial but some are new.  All changes and pressures bring challenges.  We must not allow the challenges to divert us from the reason we exist as a group of professions in audiology and that is to significantly improve the quality of life of people with hearing and balance problems.

I hope that I can contribute my experiences and passion for audiology to work together with the leadership  team of the BSA to meet future challenges, promoting the importance of being able to hear to help all children meet or exceed expectations and adults preserve their well being and contribution to society  throughout their adult life.