Prof Michael Akeroyd

IJA Representative

Dr Michael Akeroyd

I wanted to be on BSA Council to enhance the role and visibility of hearing science in both the BSA and the UK as a whole.  Through originally the Short Papers meeting, and then the Annual Conference, during the last 30-40 years the BSA has been the national leader in ensuring that UK hearing scientists have the opportunities to present and discuss the latest science discoveries about hearing.

The BSA’s “International Journal of Audiology” is one of the key international journals for publishing applied hearing science papers.

My goal for my tenure on Council is to ensure that the science is not lost.  My vision is that the BSA can essentially act as the UK’s “learned society” for hearing scientists, of all types from the most basic to the translational, with a successful annual scientific conference. The BSA is the only UK organization that has the potential to deliver this.

I hope that membership of the BSA will become usual for scientists rather than the exception.

Section Director, MRC/CSO Institute of Hearing Research – Scottish Section