Dr David Greenberg


In dedicating my career to the field of hearing and deafness it feels like a very natural step to become a trustee of the BSA. The aims of the BSA are well aligned with my own; to advance audiological research, learning, practice and impact. I have worked to progress these aims over the last 11 years beginning with a BSc in Audiology and a PhD in Auditory Neuroscience, both at UCL. I have also worked as an NHS Clinical Audiologist and as a Research Audiologist within medical device and pharmaceutical clinical trials. My research involves psychophysical and electrophysiological experimental procedures to elucidate the mechanisms by which we understand speech in background noise in order to enhance the benefit to users of hearing aids and cochlear implants. I teach at the UCL School of Audiology and UCL Medical School and have written journal articles in the fields of cochlear implants, tinnitus, neurophysiology and psychophysics. More recently I have worked as a Research Associate at the UCL Ear Institute as part of the Advancing Binaural Cochlear Implant Technology (ABCIT) program.

I am driven by evidence and data to make positive real-world change in the field while employing scientific rigor and creative problem solving in the tasks that I undertake. I do this while never losing sight of the individual in any given case and by understanding the importance of interpersonal relationships. It is my hope that I will be able to apply my experiences and passion to the work that the BSA does for the betterment of those with hearing loss.

Research Associate in Auditory Neuroscience and Clinical Audiologist at the UCL Ear Institute