‘Monitor’, the sector regulator for Health Services in England, ran a project in 2014 and invited views from patients, commissioners, GPs, providers of adult hearing services and other interested parties on how choice and AQP are working in adult hearing services.

Before 2012, these adult hearing services were generally provided in hospitals. Since 2012, some patients in England with age-related hearing loss have been given the chance to choose their service provider under the ‘any qualified provider’ approach. The approach allows any provider meeting the requirements set by the local commissioner to offer defined services to local patients. Around half of commissioners have taken up the option of using the any qualified provider approach for adult hearing services.

The project looked at what has happened since choice was introduced and  sets out how the sector could ensure that choice works better for patients.

Overall, findings are that found that patients like choosing who provides their care. Seven in ten patients surveyed who were offered a choice found it useful to have a choice.  Patients reported that having a choice made them feel more in control and allows them to choose the service that best suited them.

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