NICE developing guidance on adult onset hearing loss – your comments welcome

NICE is developing key UK guidance on the assessment and management of adult onset hearing loss. This is a long awaited piece of work that is about to commence by engagement with stakeholders and is planned to complete in May 2018.  Outcomes will be highly influential in shaping the  delivery of adult rehabilitative Audiology across the UK countries. The BSA is encouraging members to register as stakeholders in order to keep up to date with progress and contribute.  Note this can be achieved by registering on behalf of your organisation (eg NHS trust or health board or university) rather than as an individual. You therefore need to be mindful that any contributions that you make may be labelled as coming from your organisation.

If you wish to comment on consultation documents you would need to be registered before each consultation closes. The BSA is also registered as an organisation but in this instance we feel that our collective impact will be greater if members contribute directly as indicated above. However, you are invited to copy your contributions to me in order that I can reinforce collective points. (

Register through the following link:

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CLICK HERE for copy of the draft scope for the project is attached for information. I understand that there will be a consultation exercise on the scope document from 29 March to 26 Apr 2016.

John Day, BSA Trustee