DISTURBING NEWS: NHS denying people hearing aids!

Press Coverage:


The Guardian: NHS to begin denying people hearing aids for the first time

The Daily Mail: NHS Chiefs Scrimping NHS chiefs tell deaf patients: ‘You can’t have a hearing aid – just LIP READ instead’


What can you do?

Stop cuts expanding to the rest of Staffordshire: 8 October 2015 Meeting

Update from Chris Wood…


Along with local organisation DeafVibe, we have run a local petition which has now been signed by 5,000 Staffordshire residents, triggering a discussion at a full county council meeting. This is scheduled for the 8 October 2015. There will be a 5 minute overview followed by a debate between councillors.


It’s a public session so please do join us.


For more information see: http://moderngov.staffordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=124&MId=5543&Ver=4