Advisory Role and Specialist Advice

Audiology practices are now being scrutinised more than ever, crucially around value for money and measuring outcomes, which highlight cost effective interventions. Whether the BSA is approached with a clinical query or on a wider political scale, we can draw on the multidisciplinary nature of our membership around all of these queries and be a leading voice.

Our aim is for the BSA to be the ‘go to’ organisation for the best information, clinical and scientific advice on all matters related to hearing, balance and Audiology. This resource of knowledge is available to members and those with queries who represent other organisations. The ability to provide such advice will also be used proactively by BSA Council to influence decisions and policies taken by others in order to help achieve BSA objectives.

Purpose of Advisory Function

  1. To provide prompt and informed advice to individuals and organisations/bodies on matters relating to Audiology, consistent with the vision and mission of the BSA, this may relate to clinical, research education/training or policy matters.
  2. Promotion of an advisory service will encourage outside bodies to look to the BSA for advice on matters relating to BSA objectives.
  3. To be reactive, providing advice on request or pro-active in providing advice/views to other parties e.g., where the BSA council determine that it would be beneficial to do so. The intention will be to inform and influence decision making by other parties to achieve outcomes consistent with BSA objectives.
  4. To better exploit and share the expertise available across the BSA in pursuit of BSA vision and mission
LEG - Contemplation


The advisory structure in the BSA is built around a panel of expert advisors comprising BSA members who are knowledgeable in specified areas of Audiology, prepared to provide advice promptly and adhere to the processes/requirements.

Examples of topics in which enquiries are welcomed:

Enquiries are therefore welcomed from UK government Health Departments (including devolved governments), those concerned with commissioning health services, research activity and education and training, and health promotion (this list in not exhaustive).


To Seek Advice: Please contact the BSA Operations Manager with your enquiry at or complete the contact form on the website. Aside from providing a succinct description of your information needs it will be helpful if you can state your role, the format of response and the requested deadline for a response.

BSA Members: Routine enquiries from members to members relating to their practice of Audiology are encouraged. This might relate to a request for advice on school hearing screening criteria or practical advice on applying frequency compression to hearing aid fittings. Such enquiries should be directed to the Operations manager who will disseminate it to the relevant panel members.

Basis of Advice Offered: The BSA has asked Panel Advisors, who are all contributing their professional advice on a voluntary basis, to do so within the limits of their professional competencies. It is expected that advice provided through panels will be provided in good faith with any conflicts of interest declared at the outset to the enquirer. In order to provide for prompt turnaround the advice provided will reflect the opinion of the advisor/s rather than the collective view of BSA Council (unless specifically requested or stated otherwise).