“Music and Cochlear Implants: opening the lid on signal processing strategies”

Contact Name: Prof Colette McKay

Contact Email: colette.mckay@manchester.ac.uk

I obtained a first class honours degree in maths and physics from the University of Melbourne, followed by a PhD in physics from the same university. After completing my clinical qualifications in Audiology, I took up a part time teaching and clinical position in the School of Audiology while my children were small. I moved into full time research in 1990 in the Department of Otolaryngology at Melbourne University in the area of Cochlear Implants. I helped in the development and evaluation of the SPEAK processing strategy, which after 14 years still provides the principles upon which the majority of cochlear implants function today. In 2005 I moved to the UK to take up a chair position at Aston University in Birmingham, where I developed and directed the new BSc (Hons) in Audiology course. In 2007 I moved to Manchester University to lead the research team in the Audiology and Deafness Group.

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