Health literacy, User Guides & HA Management

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Andrea is currently finishing a PhD on the topic of health literacy, instruction materials, and hearing aid management. In 2010 she was awarded a Master of Philosophy on the topic of cochlear implant outcomes in adults and adolescents with early onset hearing loss. Andrea has seven publications in peer reviewed journals. Prior to embarking on an academic career she gained extensive clinical experience in both rehabilitative and diagnostic audiology in government and private settings.

Speaker: Andrea Caposecco

Authors : Ms Andrea Caposecco 1,2; Prof Louise Hickson1,2; Dr Carly Meyer1,2

Affiliations: 1HEARing Cooperative Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia; 2School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


Health literacy refers to the ability to obtain, process, and comprehend basic health-care information and services.   It is estimated that approximately 30% of older adults have low health literacy. Low health literacy has been consistently associated with poorer health outcomes and poorer use of health-care services. However, there is very limited research on health literacy and how it relates to the field of Audiology. This presentation will discuss research conducted at the University of Queensland, on health literacy, hearing aid user guides, and hearing aid management. The results and implications for Audiologists, heairng aid manufacturers, and other hearing care professionals will be discussed.

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