The Complexities of Listening and Understanding in Children with Minimal / Mild Hearing Loss

Contact Name: Dawna Lewis

Dawna Lewis received her M.A. in Audiology from the University of Tennessee and her Ph.D. in Communication Disorders from the University of Nebraska.

She currently works as a Senior Research Associate at Boys Town National Research Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. Dr. Lewis has presented and published on topics involving pediatric audiology/amplification and assistive listening devices, including FM systems. She received the Editor’s Award from the American Journal of Audiology for two 1994 articles on assistive technology in the classroom. Dr. Lewis also received the 2006 Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Lewis has served on the steering committee for ASHA Special Interest Division 9, Hearing and Hearing Disorders in Childhood, the Joint Committee of ASHA and the Council of Education of the Deaf, and the Research and Creative Endeavors Committee of EAA. She also has served as an Associate Editor for Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools and on the Editorial Board of Seminars in Hearing. Currently, Dr. Lewis is involved in research addressing issues in pediatric amplification and speech perception in children.


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