How adults with hearing impairment perceive the role of aging and cognition in help-seeking and rehabilitation

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Ariane Laplante-Lévesque is a research project manager at the Eriksholm Research Centre in Denmark where she leads a research programme investigating hearing aid dispensing processes. She is also an adjunct assistant professor at Linköping University in Sweden where she studies information technology applications in audiology. Ariane completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in Australia. Before, she trained as a clinical and research audiologist in Canada and worked as a clinical audiologist in Australia. Her professional interests include the rehabilitation of adults and older adults with acquired hearing impairment, the client-audiologist relationship, and tele-audiology. She has published extensively on these topics.

Authors and affiliations

Jill Preminger3 & Ariane Laplante-Lévesque1,2

1Eriksholm Research Centre, Denmark

2Linköping University, Sweden

3University of Louisville, USA


This qualitative study explored the perspectives of adults with hearing impairment on help-seeking and rehabilitation. In-depth semi-structured interviews were completed in 4 countries with 34 adults with hearing impairment. Participants had different levels of experience in help-seeking and rehabilitation. Participants were asked to “tell the story of their hearing”. This subsequent qualitative analysis focuses on two topics, aging and cognition, that participants spontaneously discussed during the interviews. Adults with hearing impairment see aging and cognition as both barriers and facilitators to their help-seeking and rehabilitation.

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