Launch of Global Outreach Specialist Interest Group

We had our Global Outreach Specialist Interest Group meeting on 1st March held at Aston University and over Skype. Today is our official ‘launch day’ as the Global Outreach Specialist Interest Group. We first got together at the end of last year, however have been in the background working on the webpage, World Hearing Day and BSA Conference, as well as trying to figure out how we could be most useful! Some of this is a work in progress and discussions are ongoing- we will update as we move forward. An important aspect is that we plan to work/collaborate with others and already we have developed a good working relationship with ENT UK Global Health who are a similar group to us.

As a few of our steering group members are working abroad in Malawi and Mauritius it will be rare that we will always be in the same room together. Sadly, we encountered connection issues and so, Helen and Rachna in the group were unable to get into the call. Last time it was a success, so we aren’t sure what happened, however we will try a different set up next time and hope for a better outcome. Wendy, Wahid and Riaz were all able to get together at Aston and below is a photo, so you can become a bit more familiar with us! Look out for an upload of all of our bio’s on the webpage soon…


Riaz, Wendy and Wahid post meeting!


We now have our Global Outreach page active which can be found here and we had discussions around what we would want to do with it next. We also are lucky to have a Global outreach page and have started to get volunteer stories and update with news. You will find information about World Hearing Day there also. We spoke about having more volunteer stories, information about volunteering opportunities, how frequently we would update on our work and ensuring we add success stories to the page. Wahid will be leading on this and will be working with the BSA to develop this further. We discussed our plans for World Hearing Day (WHD), which this year will be low key, but we already decided that we would work soon on plans for next year. We also finalised the plans for our slot at the BSA conference on 30th June and again, will be discussing over the next few meetings what we could do in 2018! As well as this we discussed looking to survey NGOs to see if there are activities that we could support them with; what we might fundraise/get grants for (we will be developing a list to see what is feasible for now and what we might look at in the future); what information could be useful for projects in other countries (could we get information interpreted for example in other languages); our next audacity article and lightening update as well as making further connections with other Stakeholders. We all have a lot to be working on we next meet.


Gemma Twitchen

(Chair of Global Outreach Specialist Interest Group)