Important information on Commissioning Framework

The BSA are currently working with other members of the Hearing Alliance to advise NHS England on providing a commissioning framework which has come from the work done on the Action Plan for Hearing Loss. The aim of this work is to provide commissioners with a structure to consider resourcing their hearing and balance services.

This is a vital piece of work as it will influence how hearing and balance services will work for patients. So please have your say.

A number of frameworks (containing information on pathways, outcomes and key performance indicators) are being developed:

We are also trying to provide examples of new innovations within pathways in Audiology which are examples of good practice. All of this work is being coordinated by the Hearing Alliance with sub-committees on each of the above from the NDCS, the BAA and the British Tinnitus Association with the BSA’s Special Interest Group and the BSA Council support.