The Ida Institute has introduced an entirely new eLearning universe for hearing care professionals. The innovative Ida Learning Hall will offer bite-size learning modules, which will enable hearing care professionals to easily incorporate learning and knowledge sharing into time-challenged schedules.

The Ida Learning Hall is a fresh approach to learning, conceived as a virtual meeting place where hearing care professionals can go to learn more about person-centred care.

We have created a new universe that caters to the different learning needs of hearing care professionals, adds Lise Lotte Bundesen, Managing Director of the Ida Institute. Learning should be easy and engaging, and we believe that the Ida Learning Hall does just that.

The Learning Hall offers bite-sized learning so users can update their skills on-the-go and invites them to connect, interact and share knowledge in dedicated online communities.

We looked into how hearing care professionals share and find knowledge, and when and where they prefer to learn, says Lise Lotte Bundesen. What we found is that learning occurs mostly after work hours, such as on the couch, on the bus or in the car. The reason why people seek learning is that they have an immediate need or problem to solve, and a majority prefer to receive learning in short bursts and bite-sized.

The platform also offers longer Learning Plans. Users can accumulate the short, bite-sized lessons over time to complete a module and obtain CEU/CPD points from accrediting organizations. New learning modules will be developed on continuous bases in addition to the following Learning Plans currently available:

  1. Client Engagement and Motivation Tools:

This Client Engagement and Motivation Learning Plan will provide you with tools for understanding how client readiness affects decision-making. It will provide you with structured and proven methods of exploring client ambivalence, and more importantly, you will be better able to understand your client’s internal motivation to act on your recommendations.



  1. Living Well: Managing Hearing Loss in Daily Life:

In this Learning Plan you will learn to use the living well tool to actively engage your clients in a structured way, to set goals that improve daily living situations. Specifically, the Living Well Tool provides a step-by-step process that allows you to understand your clients unique needs and preferences regarding the activities in which they enjoy participating. By understanding your clients unique needs and preferences, the living well tool also allows you to identify what living well means to clients. As a result, the Living Well Tool allows hearing care professionals to provide individualized, personalized and more effective care.



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About the Ida Institute

The Ida Institute is an independent, non-profit organization based in Denmark.

Ida’s mission is to develop and integrate person-centred care in hearing rehabilitation. Together with hearing care professionals from around the world, the institute works to develop knowledge and strengthen the counselling process, enabling people to express their individual needs and preferences and take ownership of their hearing care.