NEW ACTION PLAN: The new Action Plan on Hearing Loss is now available

The BSA are pleased to report the publication of the Action Plan on Hearing Loss.

CLICK HERE for the report  Action Plan on Hearing Loss – Final 20.3.15

The plan provides information to commissioners, GPs, policy makers and healthcare providers about the range and complexity of the consequences of hearing loss at any life stage. The BSA have been working with the Alliance on Hearing loss and Deafness to develop the report  and have lobbied hard to bring this to publication.

The report sets out five key objectives in in the following areas:

1. Good prevention – for example reducing the numbers of young people and adults with noise induced hearing loss; including through immunisation and screening and utilising quality data to understand the social, financial and personal health advantages

2. Earlier diagnosis – for example improving outcomes for babies with hearing loss, increasing identification of the number of children and adults in at risk groups

3. Integrated services – for example reducing developmental and educational gaps due to childhood hearing loss and increasing the number of children, young people and adults with a personalised care plan

4. Increased independence and ageing well – for example including access to technology including support by mobile or tele healthcare and improving access to wider health services from primary to end of life care

5. Good learning outcomes – for example including improving employment opportunities for young people and adults and reducing development and attainment gaps between deaf and hearing children