HAPPY BIRTHDAY: New BSA website celebrates its first birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! New BSA website celebrates its first birthday.

We are celebrating the new BSA website’s high hit rate, international success and impact on promoting excellent research and evidence-based Audiological care around the globe.

The new BSA website went live on the 16th June 2014 with initial traffic expectations being far exceed from the first month. We received 4793 hits in the first month and are currently receiving approximately 5500 hits per month, with a total of ±55 000 over the first 12 month period. Our website is dynamic, constantly evolving based on the changing face of Audiology, user trends and YOUR feedback. The website is interactive with Facebook and Twitter.

The key features of the BSA website are:

  • Free and easy access to BSA Policies and Procedures
  • Information about conferences and events, with online registration for BSA events
  • News updates on what is happening in the field of Audiology
  • Online access to Audacity (open access to previous editions with members only access to current edition)
  • Online access to the International Journal of Audiology (members only)
  • Access to Lunch & Learn and Lightning Updates
  • Direct access and updates on the work of the BSA Special Interest Groups and news of their publications and international collaboration

Jane Wild, Wayne Ellis, Tracey Twomey, Julie Reading, Laura Turton Charlotte Turtle (Social Media)
Nicci Campbell (Website Manager)
Website team