Global Outreach SIG Survey

Are you interested in or have worked in global outreach audiology/hearing health? If yes, we’d love to hear from you.


Whilst we are lucky in the UK to have access to free audiology services on the NHS or the choice of seeing someone privately, most developing countries have little or no access at all to audiology or audiologists; relaying largely on support from abroad, often provided by voluntary organisations. Sadly, this can often be short term and unsustainable and standards of care can be questionable. There are more positively, NGOs and other companies that are working on or supporting developing longer term projects that are more sustainable, higher quality audiology services.  As The BSA’s Global Outreach Specialist Interest Group we want to promote higher standards of care and support longer term, sustainable audiology services globally. It’s a big, but very important challenge and right now we’re working together to find the best ways in which as a group we can be most useful and effective to this cause.


We know that we aren’t unique and the only ones who have interest or experience of working within global outreach for hearing health/audiology and we’d like to develop a network (database) to share information, updates about our work and may occassionally ask questions to help us make informed decisions about our areas of work. We would like to ask you a few short questions about you and you can sign up to join the network if you’d like to be involved!


Thanks for your time and for further information please contact Gemma Twitchen –