TJ Audiology – BSA Certificate in Impression Taking

Suitable for health workers, assistant or associate audiologists or those who work with earpieces in the music or noise-protection industry. This 1-day BSA accredited course will train delegates to:

  • undertake otoscopy and impression-taking safely (on individuals over 5 years) and according to BSA procedure
  • recognise conditions of the ear and refer accordingly
  • recognise responsibility to adhere to scope of practice and insurance/liability
  • communicate effectively with clients and/or their families/carers
  • arrange for earmould manufacture and maintain accurate records of procedure

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the written and practical assessment on the day, or as homework.

This course will take place at Newbury College, Berkshire (50 minutes direct train journey from London Paddington). It is also available in-house (for groups of 4 or more) at a date chosen between parties.

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