BSA e-Conference 2018


Access all talks from 1st – 31st December 2018

Early Bird Rates Available to 15th November 2018!

Global Connections: A fantastic opportunity to learn from leaders in Audiology across the globe!
Programme Highlights include:

  • Improving VEMP measurement with a view to explore saccular tuning curve changes with Ménière’s Disease: Steven Bell and Faten Obeidat
  • It’s not just my problem, it’s our problem: Supporting hearing loss self-management in older adults: Elizabeth Convery
  • Forward and Backward Masking of Consonants in School-Age Children and Adults: Heather Porter
  • Using the Adaptive Auditory Speech Test (AAST) as a Screening Tool in Children and Adults: Karolin Shaefer
  • Potential Alternatives to Managing Hearing Loss in Care Home Residents with Dementia: Rebecca Millman
  • Musicians’ Hearing: Samual Couth
  • Hearing Loss and Assessment in India: Jeff Davies
  • Goal Setting in Adult Rehabilitation: Dr Anne Olson
  • Internet-based Interventions for Adults with Unaddressed Hearing Impairment: Dr Jill Preminger
  • Dementia Screening: Douglas Beck
  • Audiology Professionals and their Ethical Knowledge: Juan Bornman
  • Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities – Communication Methods and Audiological Considerations: Siobhan Brennan
  • Ecological Momentary Assessment and Tele-Audiology: Dr Barbara Timmer
  • Suicidal and self-harm ideations among patients with tinnitus: Dr Hashir Aazh
  • Peadiatric Balance: TBC

Further sessions still to be announced and also bonus presentations will be available to see once again from our 2017 e-Conference.

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