European Federation of Audiological Societies meeting in Cork

Dr Piers Dawes represented the BSA along with Jagit Sethi (representing the BAA) at the European Federation of Audiological Societies meeting in Cork, Ireland on September 15 and 16th. Representatives from the national societies of Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Czech Republic, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Turkey and Israel were in attendance.

The meeting included a workshop on e-learning opportunities in audiology. The UK is a leader in e-audiology education, and Piers reported on e-audiology education programs that are available in the UK. EFAS is currently working to promote e-audiology education programs and facilitate international exchange, audiology training and models of best-practice in e-education in Europe.

Attendees were also given an update on planning for the 2017 EFAS annual general meeting, discussion of the next EFAS congress to be held on June 7-10 in Interlaken, Switzerland ( EFAS confirmed that they will be offering scholarships for young scientists to attend and present their work at the 2017 meeting (for details, see

The aim of EFAS is to promote cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge of audiology within Europe, both as a scientific field and as a hearing health service offered to the public.