EARSII Ear Sim Questionnaire – You are invited to participate

You may be aware of a current research project that is aiming to develop the next generation of ear simulators for audiological applications, particularly for meeting the requirements for neonates, infants and children which are currently not properly addressed. The project is known as EARS-II and details can be found here. Indeed, you may have responded to an earlier questionnaire during the initial development phase of this work in 2012/13.

The research has now produced some outline specifications for ear simulators in five age ranges, spanning neonates to adults, and prototypes for a neonatal occluded-ear simulator.

The next steps are; to finalise these specifications, extend the designs to accommodate the wide range of transducers used in audiological applications, prepare new International Standards and develop guidelines for the use of these ear simulators.

The project team would therefore like to further involve the stakeholder community to ensure that the final outcomes from the project meet the potential needs of users, both in terms of effectiveness, in ensuring appropriate measurement quality, and efficiency of implementation.

We would therefore be extremely grateful to receive feedback from you on some key questions we have raised, or indeed on any aspect of the proposed development and implementation of next generation ear simulators.

In the questions attached please mark the response that is closest to your opinion. If you wish to mark more than one answer, this is acceptable, but please also indicate your responses in order of preference, and add a note to explain your multiple choices. Please underline your preferred answer.

Please return your complete EARSII Ear Sim Questionnaire  to richard.barham@AcousticSensorNetworks.co.uk

 Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your input will be extremely valuable for the next stages of this research.

If you would like to follow the progress of the EARS-II project, please visit the website and register to receive our regular newsletter. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss a specific issue, you are most welcome to contact me directly or another member of the project team via the website.

 Many thanks

Richard Barham