‘ALL EARS INTERNATIONAL’: Tuesday 3rd March is International Ear Care Day


Tuesday 3rd March is International Ear Care Day. It is a day to globally recognise the need for ear and hearing care – a day to remember how precious hearing is and how easy it is to lose.

All Ears Cambodia has been fighting ear disease and helping those with disabling hearing loss for over 12 years. Through All Ears International, we are now developing programs in other countries such as Bhutan and North Korea.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us in our endeavours, and showing enthusiasm for our work over the years.  We appreciate your support and continued interest in those with hearing problems in less privileged parts of the world.

I would like to communicate with you about our work and the issues we address. We will share updates about our projects in Cambodia and beyond, articles of professional interest and volunteering opportunities.

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Glyn Vaughan

Director – All Ears Cambodia

Program Manager – All Ears North Korea

Clinical and Educational Advisor – All Ears Bhutan

Founder and Trustee – All Ears International

T: 855-(0)11-775063